I want to be known as a jeweller who respects your hard earned money.

It's your hard-earned money that goes into buying gold which has a sentimental value. So it pays to educate yourself on the nuances of buying gold to help you make informed decisions besides making it a happy and pleasant experience.

Dr. M. Kiran Kumar
Chairman & Managing Director
Lalithaa Jewellery Mart (P) Ltd.

Buying jewellery - an eye opener!

If you thought you knew everything about Gold or diamond jewellery this will open your eyes to some unknown facts..

The how and why of buying gold jewellery

Care should be taken not to waste on excessive V.A. charges while buying jewellery.

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Some hitherto unknown facts about buying diamond jewellery

There’s a general belief among jewellers that buyers of diamond jewellery..

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Setting gold standards

Lalithaa ensures you take home maximum value not just in terms of grams of gold but also exquisite designs lovingly crafted in Hallmarked gold.

Lesson In Gold

Lesson In Diamond

A unique way to compare gold prices

Where you buy jewellery is actually less important. What’s more important is : Are you buying at the right price ? Are you doing your homework before shelling out your hard-earned money !

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Diamond jewels need not be expensive

There’s a general belief among jewellers that buyers of diamond jewellery are well-heeled and can absorb exorbitant prices. We at Lalithaa Jewellery, however, think otherwise. Since our intention is not on profits alone, we aim to make diamond jewellery very affordable and at fair prices by keeping our margins as low as possible.

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