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Get an insight into what sets Lalithaa Jewellery apart from the market.

Diamond jewellery - Market reality vs Lalithaa Jewellery’s solutions

Why should diamond prices be as high as Rs.67000 or Rs.76000 per carat!
Lalithaa Jewellery charges only Rs.46000 per carat for diamond stones.

Why load such high V.A. charges on diamond jewels?
Lalithaa Jewellery charges V.A. of just Rs.975 per gram.

In case of exchange or buyback, what will be the resale value of diamond jewels purchased from the market?
Our Buyback policy is the most buyer-friendly in the market viz., 85% against cash and 100% against exchange for new diamond jewels.

Is there a credible way to ensure the quality of diamonds bought?
Lalithaa sells diamond jewels with VVS clarity and E-F color grade. We don’t sell diamonds with G-H color grade which are inferior in quality.

Why settle for an In-house quality certification instead of a more reliable certification by an Internationally recognized gemology body?
Every diamond ornament at Lalithaa Jewellery comes with an Internationally Recognized Authenticity Certificate.

Even after special occasion discounts such as Rs.5000 per carat, Rs.8000 per carat etc, why do the cost of diamond stones remain so high in the market?
Lalithaa Jewellery is a pioneer in adopting transparent pricing policy. We don’t believe in misleading discounts. All we believe is in offering the best prices on quality jewellery.

Diamond Weight
(in cents)
Diamond Rate
(per carat)
in the market
Diamond Rate
(per carat)
in Lalithaa Jewellery
0 to 0.0749 Rs.67000 to 76000 Rs.46000
0.0750 to 0.1349 Rs.76000 to 85000 Rs.66500
0.1350 to 0.1749 Rs.98500 to 105000 Rs.83000
0.1750 to 0.2249 Rs.108500 to 112000 Rs.94000
Prices subject to minor changes based on price fluctuations in International market.