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What is Hallmark? Why is it important?
Hallmark is a symbol administered on Jewels by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and indicates the purity of gold you buy.

Only jewels with the Hallmark symbol can be deemed to be made of quality gold. Only jewellers who carry the license of BIS, a body approved by the Government of India are eligible to sell Hallmark jewels

The unit 916 in Hallmark implies jewels that are made of 22 Carat gold.

Hallmark symbol is defined by the following five components.

• BIS Symbol  • 916 mark (i.e 22 Carat)  • Hallmark Symbol
• Symbol of the Jeweller  • Year of Hallmarking

Hallmarked Jewels have been in vogue since the year 2000.

Be safe and sure. Buy jewels only from Jewellers who are authorised to sell BIS 916 Hallmark jewels.