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Lower the V.A. Charges the more grams of gold you get. While the gold rate is dictated by the market conditions the V.A. Charges are decided by individual buyers which contributes significantly to the cost of the jewel. One should always take into consideration the grams of gold obtained for the money paid as a slight difference in V.A. Charges can set you back considerably. Care should be taken not to be misled by various attractive offers or discounts to mask high V. A. Charges because this would ultimately undermine the quantity of gold you take home.

For example a 30 gram jewel, with a 16% V.A. Charge, costs Rs.99180 at a gold rate of Rs.2850 per gram. Just imagine if the V.A. Charge is a lot lesser than this 16% as arbitrarily fixed by the jeweller! At 10% wastage, the cost of the same jewel will be just Rs.94050 thereby saving you Rs.5130

So just ask yourself if you are buying quality jewellery for the lowest V.A. Charges? Are you taking home the maximum grams of gold for the money you pay? Just compare prices across showrooms to make an educated decision.