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Lalithaa Jewellery shows you ways to help save money on gold jewellery.

  1. Care should be taken not to waste on excessive V.A. charges while buying jewellery.
  2. If you observe carefully jewellery showrooms that mention ‘V.A. charges, 4% onwards’ in their ads, will showcase only a limited range pertaining to this while a majority of jewels would be sold at higher V.A. Charges.
  3. Divide the amount paid by the grams of gold you get and compare this with a few showrooms. Please buy from the showroom that gives you the maximum grams of gold.
  4. In the case of stone-studded jewellery, you may find most showrooms giving ‘namesake’ discounts equivalent to the weight of the stones, after charging high V.A. Charges for the gross weight of the jewel and slapping extra stone charges even for ordinary stones.
  5. Insist on weight discount for gold jewels studded with ordinary stones. And do not pay any extra charges for the stones.
  6. Do not be misled into thinking that you’re getting a good deal but go for the showroom that gives you the best deal for your hard-earned money.
  7. Do not buy any jewel without the BIS 916 Hallmark symbol which is administered by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a Govt. of India undertaking.
  8. Insist on a bill, when you buy jewellery. The bill should have the complete break-up such as weight of the jewel you buy, rate of gold on that day, V.A. Charges, Making charges, etc.
  9. Don’t get carried away by ‘no bill, no tax’ enticements which may be aimed at misleading you. Only when all the details of the jewel are mentioned in the bill, you can evaluate the real worth of your jewel.
  10. Don’t fall for trivial freebies like Cooker, Mixie, Clock, Bag, etc and lose several thousands in the bargain.
  11. Antique jewels are jewels that resemble designs of the yore, but remember, they are not real antiques.