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A unique way to compare gold prices

Having been in this industry since my teens I am passionate about jewellery. My outlook is slightly different as I don’t view customers any differently and wish customers more prosperity. That is exactly the reason I wish to state that where you buy jewellery is actually less important. What’s more important is: Are you buying at the right price? I want customers to do their homework before shelling out hard-earned money on something that is expensive besides having sentimental value- namely gold.

Ask yourself if you are buying quality jewellery for the lowest V.A. Charges? Are you taking home the maximum grams of gold for the money you pay? Just compare prices across showrooms to make an educated decision.

With so many different jewel designs in various showrooms, if you are wondering how to compare prices, Lalithaa Jewellery can help you with a simple and sure shot solution. Our novel initiative of ‘click and compare’ is a game changer in the jewellery trade.

Just follow these four steps before buying any jewel.

  1. Click a picture of the jewel you wish to buy and take its estimate slip from us.
  2. Take the pic. and estimate slip to at least four or five showrooms and compare prices of similar jewellery.
  3. Look for the BIS 916 Hallmark symbol.
  4. Buy from the showroom that gives you the best price and maximum value for your money.